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Hello all!

Happy New Year!  I just wanted to thank you for following me and supporting this blog for almost four years now.  Alas, it is time to change the format of what I have been doing.  I will no longer be having this blog by itself.  Although I know many appreciated it and used my information for their own purposes, it never ended up being a real online book club.  Discussions never took place and I have decided, since it takes up a lot of my time, that I would integrate these types of posts into the CSL library’s blog.  It will no longer be called an Online Book Club but something along the lines of Book Review and will be posted every once in a while, not every month.  I hope you understand and I invite you to follow the library blog, where I will also incorporate my Book Lovers Musings.  You will also find other wonderful information about what the library is offering in terms of service, programs and good old sharing.

Thanks again and all the best!  🙂


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  1. burnsmar says:

    Hard to make these things work, Melissa, but you have introduced people to a lot of good books, and if readers are not talking directly to you, I bet that they are talking to each other!


    On Mon, Jan 5, 2015 at 7:32 AM, Melissa’s Online Book Club wrote:

    > Melissa posted: “”

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